Dashboards and Reporting

Data & Marketing Analytics Project

Recurring reports and key performance indicators are ideally mapped in dashboards. Management and stakeholder dashboards form the basis for good monitoring and data-driven decisions. A systematic approach to KPI definition, such as the See-Think-Do-Care approach, are essential to provide structure and focus.

Arrow Right KPI definition for all stakeholders 
Arrow Right See-Think-Do-Care approach 
Arrow Right Visualization of relevant KPIs 
Arrow Right Cloud-based setup 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple KPI workshop and documentation 
Arrow Right Simple Ensuring data availability 
Arrow Right Simple Creation of the dashboard concept 
Arrow Right Simple Mockups for stakeholder-specific dashboards 
Arrow Right Simple Check of data quality and preparation of data 
Arrow Right Simple Technical setup in the cloud environment 
Arrow Right Simple Setup of the dashboards 
Arrow Right Simple Final workshop and activation