Google Cloud

The digital transformation of an organization is not just about transferring old IT infrastructure to the cloud for cost savings and convenience. With Google Cloud, organizations can transform their entire business by finding new ways to accomplish their objectives, from improving processes to improving customer service. Google Cloud is a trusted innovation partner that accelerates digital transformation for organizations. Partnership with Google Cloud provides best-in-class integration with Google tools used by billions of people worldwide.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud x Digitl Cloud Benefits

As a Google Cloud Sell & Service Partner, we can offer clients many advantages, for example, discounts, GCP Credits, and the ability to showcase success stories at Google events or online. Please refer to the Sell and Service section for individual benefits.

Sell Partner Advantages

Arrow Right Based on the size of the project, Digitl Cloud can always offer individual discounts 
Arrow Right Gain GCP Credits or profit from many different rebates in GCP 

Service Partner Advantages

Arrow Right Implementation support & on-demand service 
Arrow Right Holistic support throughout the entire project, taking external factors, such as other projects and infrastructures into consideration  
Arrow Right Direct connection to Google stakeholders and fundings from Google 

Leading-edge Security

Arrow Right Encryption by default, at rest and in transit 
Arrow Right All-round protection of data and system 
Arrow Right Compliance security by region and industry 

Full Integration with Google Tools

Arrow Right Google Marketing Platform & Google Ads 
Arrow Right Google Analytics, Shopping, Maps, etc. 


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