Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the world's most comprehensive and the most broadly adopted cloud platform. It currently offers more than 200 full-feature services across its global platform. Being the largest provider in the world, they have the most operational expertise with the largest community of customers and partners. This gives clients the best support system when undergoing their digital transformation.

Amazon Web Services

AWS x Digitl Cloud Benefits

Digitl Cloud is currently working towards becoming a certified partner of the AWS platform. This will allow us to grant specific advantages.

Proactive Security Measures

Arrow Right All-round protection of data and systems 
Arrow Right Strict compliance security by region and industry 

Fast Project Launch due to Top Talent

Arrow Right No onboarding for new specialists is necessary 
Arrow Right The team is ready to operate from day 1 

Reduced Management Effort

Arrow Right Allow for a single point of contact for all of your cloud services 
Arrow Right Specialization in identifying and resolving all of your cloud-related issues 

Full Integration with other Amazon Services

Arrow Right Integrations with Amazon Ads, Amazon Retail, Amazon Games, etc. 
Arrow Right The support system of a multi-industry leader 
Arrow Right Direct connection to the AWS partner Network 


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