Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure, organizations can create and innovate confidently knowing that mission-critical workloads are running reliably. Focusing on cost, security, and targeting solutions for businesses by outsourcing IT management. Microsoft Azure is a trusted enterprise-level Cloud solution provider used daily by some of the largest companies in the world.

Microsoft Azure

Azure x Digitl Cloud Benefits

Digitl Cloud is currently working towards becoming a certified partner of the Azure platform. This will allow us to grant specific advantages.

Proactive Security Measures

Arrow Right All-round protection of data and systems, with proactive testing 
Arrow Right As partners we are trained to stay up to date with legislative and regulatory changes, meaning the customer can maintain focus on growth 

Industry Leading Hybrid Solutions

Arrow Right Develop and deploy where you want 

Affordable Access to Services

Arrow Right High-quality customized services at competitive costs 

Full Integration with Microsoft tools

Arrow Right Integrations with Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 services, Teams, Sharepoints, Xbox systems, etc. 
Arrow Right Direct connection to Azure partner network 
Arrow Right On-demand support from Microsoft IT experts 


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