Marketing Data Warehouse

Data & Marketing Analytics Project

Consolidate all marketing and advertising data in a single point of truth, and minimize time spent on data preparation and formatting. This allows obtainining in depth insights using custom artificial intelligence solutions and enable data-driven decisions to unlock greater business potential.

Arrow Right Deep insights about your customers and campaigns 
Arrow Right Marketing Innovation wtih Machine Learning Models 
Arrow Right Visibility on the full data journey (ingestion, processing, insights and activation) 
Arrow Right Data-driven decisions 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Preparation of the workshop that includes an analysis of the status quo and current processes and stakeholders. Analysis of the requirement and definition of acceptance criteria 
Arrow Right Simple Definition of the new infrastructure including deliverables. Detailed and refined Statement of Work (SoW) 
Arrow Right Simple Engineering stage, Moving the new infrastructure from concept to reality 
Arrow Right Simple Implementation of the aligned use-cases 
Arrow Right Simple Control of the use-cases and if applicable adjustments to the infrastructure and the automation process 
Arrow Right Simple Training of the stakeholders for using the new infrastructure and processes 
Arrow Right Simple Process hand-over. Definition of maintenance and support process and further iteration stages (including new use-cases)